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THE GIANT ROCK N ROLL SWINDLE CD - FREE with every book purchase!


THE GIANT ROCK N ROLL SWINDLE CD - FREE with every book purchase!


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This CD is a collaboration between myself and Fork In Hand Records(2002). I have always been influenced by music and the graphics that go with it. The Giant Rock N Roll Swindle combines the images that I have incorporated into my underground movement and music that also falls into the underground category. The CD contains twenty tracks covering a variety of styles; The Bouncing Souls, The Suicide Machines, The Lawrence Arms, Jello Biafra (No W.T.O. Combo), Avoid One Thing and Big D and the Kids Table give the compilation its punk rock flavor. Bands such as Modest Mouse, The Hives, The International Noise Conspiracy and The Icarus Line bring an indie rock vibe to the CD. There is a good amount of electronic music covered with BS2000 (members of the Beastie Boys), Peaches and Gonzales.

Instead of putting 20 bands that all sound similar, we tried to change things up by combining all styles of underground music. The packaging turns the compilation into more than just a great CD. The Jewel Case is surrounded by a cardboard cover that has a perforated image of the "Obey Giant Face" that the buyer can punch out to use as a stencil. The O-Card, Booklet and Traycard all have a metallic silver ink, covered in grey to create a subtle shimmer. In addition to the 20 tracks on the CD and the amazing packaging, we have included a multimedia CD-Rom. The CD includes The Obey Gaint Manifesto, a photo gallery of "Obey Giant Art", interviews, information on all the bands, and instructions on how to join the sticker and spraypaint campaigns.

The Giant Rock N Roll Swindle is definitely a one of kind compilation. The CD will not only appeal to music lovers, it will also appeal to art collectors. The Giant Rock N Roll Swindle is another opportunity to collect art as well as listen to an amazing compilation CD. TRACK LISTING Mindlikewate, Dark Star; The Hives, Supply and Demand; BS2000, Wait A Minute; Peaches, AAXXX; Big D and the Kids Table, LAX; The Lawrence Arms, 100 Resolutions; Avoid One Thing, Lean On Sheena; Drexel, NewNew; The Suicide Machines, Perserverence; Softbal,l Zero; Gonzales, So Called Party Over Here; The No, W.T.O. Combo, New Feudalism; The International Noise Conspiracy, Up For Sale; Favorite Atomic Hero, Timebomb; Smackin' Isaiah, Send Off; The Lot Six, Freezin' Scene; The Icarus Line, Keep Your Eyes Peeled; The Bouncing Souls, Private Radio; Helms, The Smallest World In The World; Modest Mouse, White Lies Yellow Teeth

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