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International Shipping

  • Do you ship to my country?

    We ship to most countries that accept mail.  Please let us know if you do not see a shipping rate for your order by emailing us at

  • What are your international shipping rates?   International orders are shipped via FedEx.  The cost for this service ranges from $20 to $40 depending on your location as well as the weight and value of your order.  Add Import fees, duties and taxes (due upon delivery) are the customer's responsibility.
  • Why is FedEx charging me for shipping when I already paid?

    IMPORTANT TO INTERNATIONAL ORDERS – ADDITIONAL CUSTOM CHARGES (except UK orders): The shipping charges that are incorporated into your bill automatically from our shopping cart, and reflected in your invoice from us, are for the actual shipping of the item into your country only. Please be aware that each country has its own “Import Duty”, “VAT” for all commercial imports. You may want to check with your local FedEx or Customs office to find out just what these charges may be.  We cannot assume any responsibility for import fees and therefore these fees are your own responsibility. Please note: FedEx only makes 3 delivery attempts and in most cases will not deliver your package until import fees are paid.  FedEx will contact you for payment prior to delivery or at the time of delivery.

    Time in transit for international shipments is normally 4 to 6 business days.

    Duties and taxes will be charged at the time of delivery. We will not refund your order if you refuse to pay the fees to accept your package from FedEx. If you do not accept your package from FedEx it will not be returned to OBEY GIANT and may be abandoned or destroyed.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • How much will I pay in Duty and VAT charges?     For more information please call Regulatory Consulting: 800-851-3336 x 4 and they’ll be able to confirm what the D/T and VAT would be on certain products when shipping to different countries. For issues or questions about packages going to France here is the best email address:
  • Why do you need my Tax ID number?   If we ask for your tax ID number during checkout it is because this is required by the customs office in your country.  Without it, your package could be held in customs, returned to us or abandoned.
    We are only trying to help your delivery go as smoothly as possible.  Please include your Tax ID if requested.  



  • Do you have any tips for purchasing?

    We recommend that you first clear your browsing history then add any regular store items to your cart and fill in your shipping address prior to the print release then go back to the prints page and refresh the page until the new print is released. Engage the Auto-fill function of your Browser and check out with ShopPay on the product page.  Click here for instructions to set up your ShopPay account. 

  • Can you send me a particular number?

    Due to the high number of orders that we process during print releases we can not accept print number requests, including AP requests. All customers will be served equally and prints will be dispersed in numerical sequence.

  • What forms of payment do you take?

    We accept payment from all major credit cards, Shop Pay, Paypal and Venmo. 

  • I was lucky enough to purchase both prints. Can you send matching numbers and ship in one tube?

    Unfortunately, we do not combine orders.  If you purchased a Print Set that is sold as a single item or you purchased both prints in the same order then you will receive a matching numbered set. 

  • How long will it take to receive a refund?

    We typically do not offer refunds.  All Sales are Final.  But when an order has been refunded for any reason, please allow up to 48 business hours for refunds to be processed on our end and then it can take from 5 to 8 business days for the funds to return to your bank.  International refunds can take up to 14 days (or sometimes longer) for your funds to be returned to your bank. Please note: the OBEY GIANT Orders Dept is not open on weekends.

  • I accidentally submitted my order twice. Can you refund my second order?

    For Screen Print releases we automatically refund orders exceeding 1 print due to our “1 per customer/household limit” – No exceptions. To avoid this in the future, do not hit the submit button more than once even though it looks like the first submit didn’t take.

  • I am having trouble processing my order? Did my order go through?

    If you experience order troubles during a print release there are a few things that can help:

    1. Please refrain from submitting your order multiple times.

    2. Adding the product to your cart DOES NOT guarantee your purchase. If you receive an “UNAVAILABLE” response, the product has been or is in the process of being sold out and is no longer available.

    3. If your order was accepted you will receive an email from us confirming payment. You can verify your payment through your Payment Account. Once your order has shipped you will receive a Shipping Notification email with a link to track your package. ALL ORDERS ARE SUBJECT TO REFUNDS BASED ON AVAILABILITY AS WELL AS OUR TERMS & CONDITIONS.

  • Where do I go to buy the prints that are being released?

    All prints that you see previewed on the homepage will be available for purchase in the “PRINTS” section of the OBEY Store(unless otherwise noted). HINT: You may want to go to that page early and keep refreshing the page until the print appears.

  • When are New Prints released?

    Typically prints are released on Tuesday or Thursday at 10am US Pacific Time. Exact release times may vary and announcements will be posted prior to the sale. 

  • Why was I refunded?

    We reserve the right, at any time after receipt of your order, to accept or decline your order for any reason. We reserve the right, at any time after receipt of your order, without prior notice to you, to supply less than the quantity you ordered of any item. We may need to verify any information you provide before we accept an order. Item availability and prices of all products sold at the site are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to limit quantities on certain items. FINAL CONFIRMATION OF PURCHASE is processed through our Shopping Cart after you have submitted your information to PAYPAL. At that time your item(s) will be checked against our inventory and confirmation of your order will be verified. For more information see "Why can't I buy more than one print?"

  • I had a print in my cart but I only got an error message then I tried again and the print was sold out!

    Adding an item to your Shopping Cart does NOT guarantee or reserve an item for you. The faster you check out the better your chances of completing you order! Good Luck!

  • Why can’t I buy more than one print?

    All numbered prints are subject to our 1 print per Customer / Household policy. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. It is our goal to make prints available to collectors who intend to enjoy the art for months and years to come. Multiple orders of limited edition items will be refunded.  If you order using multiple addresses your orders will be refunded.  If you consistently place multiple orders and/or are suspected of profiteering (ie. Ebay pre-sales) your orders will be refunded and you will be blocked from future purchases.


  • What Is a Verisart COA?

    Verisart COAs are digital certificates registered on the blockchain. They include Shepard’s verified signature and show that the work is a genuine Obey Giant print. They show the history of ownership: when the print was purchased and if it has been sold. This is an important step in our fight against fraudsters and flippers. If you decide to gift or sell the work in future, you’ll need to transfer the COA to the new owner. If you’re considering buying an Obey work, always ask to see the COA.

  • How Does It Work?

    If you buy a limited edition print on the Obey Store, you’ll receive two emails. The first is the usual order confirmation with the details of what you bought. The second email contains the details of your COA. From the email, you can click through to view the COA. If you want to print it, transfer it or see other COAs you’ve received, you’ll need to create a free Verisart collector account at

  • Which Works Have COA's?

    We’re currently offering COAs on fine artwork and also limited edition prints purchased directly from our website: In the future, we may offer COAs on other types of works. We’re also looking into secure stickers that allow you to link your physical artwork or print with the digital COA.

    Can I get COAs for prints I already own? Currently this is not available but hopefully soon we will offer COAs to our customers who purchased them directly from our store in previous years. We will make an announcement when this feature is available and what information is required from you.

  • Helpful Guides and Articles

    What to do when you’ve received a certificate

    Understanding a Verisart COA

    Tour of the confidence panel

    Transferring a certificate

Prints in General

  • What is your return policy?                                                                                                                                                                 ALL SALES ARE FINAL.                                                                       
  • How to unpack your print    

    Your print is rolled into a sheet of kraft paper and sealed with tape.  Locate the tab at one end of the tape and gently pull the tape from the kraft paper.  Go slowly and be careful not to rip the paper or the print inside.

    Unroll the print from the kraft paper onto a flat surface.  You may want to place a heavy object on each corner to help flatten the curled edges.  

    We do not recommend using a utility knife or any other sharp tool to cut the tape and/or the paper.  Do not attempt to remove the print from the kraft paper without first removing the tape. 

    Obey Giant is not responsible for prints damaged when unwrapping.

    Thank You!

  • Signature policy

    If you received an item that is advertised as signed but is missing a signature please contact within 30 days from the date of your order and we will assist you.  We encourage you examine all items immediately upon delivery and ensure your order is as expected.

  • My print is damaged!!! What do I do?                                                                                                                                    Obey Giant is not responsible for lost or damaged packages.  When you purchase Order Protection you simply click the link in your order confirmation email to submit a claim within the first 14 days of order receipt.  The process will take less than a few minutes to complete. 
  • Can I buy prints from the Print Archive page?

    Unfortunately not, these prints are sold out and no longer available. For available prints go to our Store.

  • Can you tell me if the print I ordered will be signed?

    All prints and books available on our website are signed unless described otherwise.

  • What are the prices of your screen prints?

    18×24 inch Screen Prints are typically $55 each (plus shipping). For special releases, or collaborations our prices will vary.

  • What are the dimensions of your prints?

    Screen prints are typically 18×24 inches. Offset prints are typically 24×36 inches.


  • Where is my order?

    Once a label has been created for your package you will receive a shipping notification email with instructions for tracking your package. Please check your junk email folder if you have not received it.

    You are responsible to make sure you receive your order. If it has been three weeks since you placed your order and you still have not received it please contact us immediately by sending an email to: Please provide your Order ID Number and the name as it appears on the order to expedite our reply to you.  We are not responsible for your order after the claim deadline has passed. The deadline for USPS is 60 days from the date of mailing and the deadline for UPS is 120 days from the date of mailing. 

    If your package was returned to us we will make 1 attempt to contact you via email. We can hold returned packages no longer than 10 days.

  • Do you ship to PO or APO address?

    At this time we do not offer shipments to PO Box or APO addresses.  We appreciate your patience as we work on a solution.  

  • How long does it take to receive my order?

    Orders are typically shipped within 3-5 business days of your completed transaction. You will receive shipping and tracking information via email. The OBEY GIANT Shipping Dept is not open on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • How do I calculate my shipping charges?

    You can see the shipping charges before you submit payment. Add the items into your cart then click the Check Out button. Enter your shipping address and the shipping charges will populate.

Street Art 101

  • How do you make Wheat Paste?


    1) Purchase wallpaper paste at local hardware store.

    2) Mix paste with water stirring continuously in a 5 gallon bucket (not too thick, not too thin)

    3) Apply paste to surface using paste brush or small janitor broom (smooth surfaces work best)

    4) Place poster on surface and brush right over it

    5) Smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles.

    6) Get tech and use a telescopic extension pole (brooms use screw in attachments like rollers)

    7) Failure to obey local ordinances may result in prosecution (the powers that be do not approve of you subverting the dominant paradigm)

    Paste at your own risk!